Furnace Repair Sterling & Reston, VA

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Hire a professional furnace repair team in Sterling & Reston, VA

When it's cold outside, you want your home to be warm. If your heater is struggling, your furnace is probably the creating the issue. Don't get stuck in the cold. Call the professionals at Zagros Heating and Air Conditioning today to heat up your home.

Our furnace repair technicians in Sterling, VA will diagnose the problem, repair the issue and make you comfortable in your home again.

To have a professional check your furnace, contact Zagros Heating and Air Conditioning today. Also serving Reston, VA.

Signs your furnace is failing

When the weather gets cold, it's important to pay attention to your home's heating system. There are several signs you might notice that signal your furnace needs to be repaired. For example:

  • There are cold spots in your home.
  • Your heating system is making weird noises.
  • Your electric bill is too high.

If you notice any of these issues, speak with a furnace repair technician in Sterling, VA before your furnace breaks. To schedule a visit, call us today at 703-437-9484. Also serving Reston, VA.